May 29th, 2003

monkeytown is doomed!

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Yesterday, after a delightful lunch, I went off to do an errand. It took longer than I thought, and I managed to leave the parking light on on my motorcycle (easier than it sounds -- you just lock the steering and turn the key very slightly farther, and the parking light stays on).

When I got back, my already-slightly-weak battery had finished dying.

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monkey green

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This week, Brezsny says:

When the bearded dragon lizard sits upright and cocks its head towards the heavens, Australian Aborigines know that rain will fall the next day. And when massive buds appear on the queen wattle plants, even the youngest members of the tribe can prophesy with confidence that brushfires will break out soon. I have a different system of signs, just as reliable, that tells me how to read your moods and trends, Gemini. For instance, last night I dreamed my oldest Gemini friend told me, "The bee fertilizes the flower it robs." Because I have had the very same dream other times over the years, usually late in the month of May, I have come to understand its predictive meaning: Many Geminis all over the world will soon commit a benevolent "theft."

Cryptic, this one. I've got some clues what it could mean, but those aren't activities I'm currently planning.