April 25th, 2003

choo-choo (dzaa!)

How beautiful...

bellacrow just posted about a friend who gets drunk and does bibliomantic readings of Calvin and Hobbes cartoons to answer questions.

You can read her better summary of the question, but her basic question was "what's with all the men in my life?", and his crazy, beautiful answer is here.
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Hot tub: moved.
Hot tub repair guy: coming this morning and capable of wiring.
Housemate: home now, going to D&M liquors later.
Dry Ice Company: open tomorrow morning.
Perishables for party: purchased.

So far, things are looking up. Now we'll just see how bad condition the hot tub is in.
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I know there's a few of you out there, the ones that just can't look away from a gory car crash. If you're not in that category, skip this entry for your own sanity. Seriously.

Full-color, beautiful, professional photography of the surgery involved in rhinoplasty -- which is to say, nose-job surgery. And no, they're not shy about showing things like pulling back the skin to reveal cartilage.