March 30th, 2003

2013 work pic (2)

Am I a geek? Why yes, yes I am.

Oh wow.

SourceForge is a repository of a massive number of pieces of free and OpenSource software for all purposes. It's big. There are something like 40,000 projects last I checked, and about ten times that many registered users of the site.

Phantasmal, my little silly project has been pretty active recently. SourceForge measures activity in several ways, but mainly by downloads, views of a project's web pages and CVS submissions (new code).

For activity level this past week, Phantasmal is in the top ten games on SourceForge, right behind CrystalSpace. Granted, this is probably all some weird fluke. Granted, CrystalSpace had ten times the page views and more than ten times the downloads I did in the past week, so I'm a very distant ninth place to its majestic eighth place. But still. If I'm in a category where I'm ranked, however badly, against CrystalSpace, I'm doing something right. It's probably the biggest success story I could name for SourceForge.

And since CrystalSpace isn't in the MUD category, I'm at the top of that one. S'okay. While I'm very happy that I'm ahead of Arianne for the week, I don't expect anybody else to have heard of it.

Now think what I could do with a third really active developer! :-)