March 5th, 2003

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"Sometimes meat likes to dress up and feel pretty. That doesn't mean ANYTHING. Lots of men like to wear nice frilly things, soft things, just for the way they feel. Some very masculine men were cross-dressers; is any surprise that the manliest of foodstuffs should sometimes feel the same way?"

Good God. From the Gallery of Regrettable Food's Meat Gallery.

And here is the story of a Lawyer being arrested for wearing a "Give Peace a Chance" t-shirt in the same mall where he bought the shirt.

Thanks to Larry Iversen and Lanette Hendren, respectively, of movies-list.


A less-incomplete description of the first story.

And a
followup event
at the same place. Thanks to princeofwands for the extra research.
2013 work pic (2)

As long as everybody's doing it...

"You're the zodiac's most inventive talker, but it doesn't always work to your advantage. Sometimes you sabotage your brilliant verbal forays by going on for so long that your listeners tune you out. On other occasions, you undermine your persuasiveness by sounding too damn smart, thereby intimidating the very people you're trying to convince. But I predict that none of this will be a problem for you in the coming days, Gemini. You'll have a sixth sense about when to let your mouth slip into creative hyperdrive and when, on the other hand, to slow it down. As a result, your ability to win friends and influence people will zoom to its highest levels in many moons."

Okay, so he's dead on as a matter of character. But is he aware just when he's claiming this? I haven't been diplomatic lately.

Still, if it's true it'll be a nice change.