February 19th, 2003

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Here's a sentiment I was trying to express less than 24 hours ago. This expresses it much better, though it's still a bit off (and overdramatic). I stole this from a chunk of poetry in kobold's journal. He writes and draws Something Positive.

I am at my loneliest when I have
something to celebrate and try
to share it with those I love but
who don't love me back.
There's always silence at the end
of the phone -
2013 work pic (2)

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So far this week, gaaneden and miss_mimsy are doing great with Brezsny's advice, so let's see what he's got for me...

"Pollsters asked a thousand kids aged 3-6 which they liked better, daddy or TV. Fifty-three percent asserted that they preferred TV. But even if your own inner child might be inclined to vote with the majority on this question, Gemini, I beg you to go in the other direction in the coming weeks. Why? Because you could really use the inspiration of a father figure: a benevolent older male who can inspire you to activate your latent reserves of ferocious willpower and wild confidence."

Wild confidence? That'd rule out my actual, literal father on this one. Ferocious willpower? Hm. I'd give my dad major points for ferocious tenacity, but that's different, especially the way he does it.

Which leaves the question -- what paragon of ferocious willpower and wild confidence do I know? Nope, sorry miss_mimsy, you're not male :-P