December 10th, 2002

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Some of you heard about my brother Seth planning to road-trip out to CA. I'd decided I needed to introduce him to my friends and start work on his further corruption. I just found out when he'll be coming out and yes, there'll be a Monday night there.

In fact, his timing is even better than that. If they can get to CA as fast as they think, he'll show up just in time for the housewarming party. Awwwww yeah.
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Happy Birthday, Dear LJ

According to the site information, my LJ will be exactly a year old in a couple of hours. And I've averaged more than one post a day for that time, though not at a very regular rate.

Thanks to lusty, who originally gave me an activation code.

Thanks to bredmold, who I accidentally stumbled upon to find all of you CMU folks again.
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Oh, hey, I should mention this.

My Palm died recently. I'm going to restore from backups as soon as I've got my computer set up at home (moving and all). But there are a number of things I've simply lost.

So if I hit you up for contact info, it's not just me being a creepy stalker.

Thank you.
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Twin Horoscopes:


"The astrological moment is ripe for a wedding, Gemini. It doesn't have to be a traditional union of two lovers, though that would be a fine way to satisfy the cosmic mandate. Here are other forms your ritual merger might take: You could get "married" to your muse; you and a soul friend might pledge your undying platonic love and mutual support; you could link yourself with a symbol that you want to serve as your guiding light; you may even want to tie the knot with your favorite power tool, animal companion, or sacred place. The important point is to fully engage your imagination as you marry your fortunes to someone or something that lifts you up out of yourself."

and the Onion:

"You'll have the kind of week that makes you wish your parents had followed through on their military-school threats, but for different, sexier reasons."

Time to start running now, do you suppose?