November 30th, 2002

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Housewarming Party: tentatively scheduled for the evening of Friday, the 13th of December, after I move in on December 7th. Thanks to Jim for pointing out that it's a Day that will Live in Infamy. Like, even if I wasn't moving in... If you can't make it that day, let me know. It looks like some people just aren't going to be able to make it unless I push it back at least to February. But do say something.

Consider yourself invited if you're on the LJ friends-list, if I know you reasonably well in real-life, or if I've mentioned the housewarming party to you at any point. Otherwise you may still be invited, but I'd prefer you ask me to make sure. This isn't the formal invite anyway, just a feeler for schedules.

Moving: December 7th and 8th. I'll definitely be looking for a little help, and I haven't yet contacted a moving company about the big stuff. With luck they'll have time to haul my couch for me on the 8th...

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