October 21st, 2002

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House Inspections

For those who care:

On Wednesday at 10am is the basic structural house inspection. At 11am they move on to a bug inspection, and the roof inspection is some time later in the day.

I plan to be there for the basic one, I'm less sure about the second one, and I'll definitely be elsewhere when they get around to looking at the roof.

People who want to see it with me are welcome to do so. miss_mimsy and bk2w, you two are most particularly invited :-)

It's on Newport Drive in Fremont, next to what Yahoo Maps calls Grimmer Park, though it looked suspiciously like an Elementary School to me :-) I'll get the actual street number tonight and post it, and/or you can call or email me.
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At the convention, much standing in lines was done. Before a truly excellent blues concert by Jim Byrnes, we were standing in line behind a woman in a very red top with laces, apparently corseted beneath. It took me a moment to recognize the object on her purse strap as a cock ring -- I wasn't used to seeing them with spikes inside. The regular kind are suprisingly subtle. I wore one as a bracelet for a couple of years in college and nobody really remarked on it. Hers was slightly less subtle :-)

I wound up in line behind her again at the small bar, and I took the opportunity to compliment her on her choice of accessories. Not shockingly, she too was from the Bay Area (the con was in Reno, NV), and she was a part-time professional dominatrix. She gave me a URL for her dungeon's site, which contains some decidedly non-worksafe photographs of her, um, work.

We had a nice conversation back at the tables a bit later which gave me some chances to embarrass my lovely companion (the girlfriend, not the pro-dom). Vengeance has been promised me at an undisclosed date in the future.

I meet the greatest people.
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As I now know, the intersection between Peter Wingfield fans and marathon runners is quite small. capnkjb can back me up on this :-)

But for anybody out there who cares, the man runs it at a rate of about 6:51 per mile. Good God. So while I'm busy being proud that I can run 1.5 miles in barely over 11 minutes (that'd be 7:20 per mile), he's beating my rate by thirty seconds a mile -- and going over 26 miles at that speed.

Thirty seconds a mile isn't, like, vast, and that rate is something I could achieve for shorter distances with a little more training. I'm still impressed.