October 14th, 2002

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House update

The initial offer is made. I may wind up not living in the house for another 30-60 days after close as the current folks try to buy another house, but... If this is accepted, or something very much like it is, then I'll be able to move in by mid-January at the very latest. And things'll be definite and I'll own it by, like, mid-November.

There are the still-phantom Other Buyers who may yet make an offer -- I think technically my side hasn't made one until, like, tomorrow evening, but there's no question that I've expressed interest and done so under the wire. I don't expect an all-out bidding frenzy since this other couple is looking at multiple places, but has been back to poke around three times without making an offer yet...

And if worst comes to worst, there's a second house I'm looking at. It's quaint, it's pretty inside, it's reasonably well laid-out and kept-up, and the landscaping looks like it never recovered from the bombing. I'd have to do a lot for that place before I was as happy with it, but it has some objective advantages going for it -- very large lot, nearer to stores and services, and a second bathroom. I think they've converted the garage and made it part of the house proper, though, so I might have more trouble finding a renter :-)

Don't know. If it looks like there's going to be trouble with the first place I'll consider it more seriously. At the moment it looks like a very reasonable second choice, but I've got quite a nice first choice to look at.