October 11th, 2002

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"What's Eating Gilbert Grape"? Good movie. All for it.

Leonardo DiCaprio was really quite good in it, which was a nice change from all the other stuff I've seen him in (Romeo & Juliet and Man in the Iron Mask come to mind). Johnny Depp was quite good, as is frequently the case. The whole thing was very painful to watch and reminded me of how lucky I am to be a callous bastard uninterested in the subtleties of family duty and entitlement.

Watching an Imported Boy reminded me that I, too, should try to keep up on the subtleties of American pop culture just for fitting-in value. I've been a little better about that lately. It can be a new current project, along with the Enneagram, boot camp and homebuying.

Have I mentioned homebuying? I've talked to my investment guy, and the lady who is about to be my realtor, and I talk to a lending agent tomorrow. Which means that I could be in good shape to look at houses by the weekend -- a plan my realtor is pushing hard. She claims two weeks to find a good place, or at least that that's a strong possibility. Well, actually she claims that's pretty standard for her.

On the plus side, that shortens the timeframe on at least one planned activity. I have a bottle of really ungodly good port and I've been looking for a special occasion. Closing on a house would be a fine time to invite a bunch of friends over and decant it. Then I can look for another comparable bottle and start waiting for the next special occasion :-)