September 28th, 2002

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The Healing Power of Decadence has been an odd theme in my life the last couple of days.

I gave another LJer a recommendation over AIM to get himself thoroughly hammered for his own good. A day or so later I was given a surprisingly similar recommendation in a more immediate and personal setting, which in fact worked great and did more for me than I'd thought possible. It wasn't so much the alcohol as the loosening up and loss of control -- the rum was applied very much as a chemical tool to get my body in line. In any case, it worked quite well. I've also had a couple of very long, very good talks with a friend who has been drunk for most of them.

I've been talking to out-of-town friends for a lot of the day, at the Exploratorium and then over excellent sushi at Ebisu. Some of my prior plans moved to Sunday, and some I just ducked out on. It's been a good day. And talking to more-conservative friends has reminded me of the exceptionally good effects of some of the personal relationships I'm in now. Compared to where I've been recently in my life, I just win.