August 21st, 2002

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For a friend

The origin of a quote I quite like:

So hey, I've gotten a random two months of paid LJ from an anonymous donor, and so have two friends of mine. Anybody else on the friends list have this happen? Or is somebody from the Starry Plough doing the donation?

I've heard it suggested that it's a marketing gimmick, but then the people receiving them shouldn't all know each other...
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(no subject)

There's a web site called Hoot Island that I was recently pointed to. It has a really remarkable variety of silly sex articles -- like a story about finding sex toys in the road, a demonstration of difference in romantic points of view, and something I've considered before but not written up about how people should stop saying "sucks".

And it contains a very large number of lovely phrases like "She's 8" tall and will make you the envy of every bobble head collector. I'll give you a few moments to appreciate how pathetic that sounds."

Oh! And they like Asia Carrera too! Having read their interview with her, I have a new favorite quote by her:

"I don't watch pornos! What do I look like, some kind of sicko?"
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(no subject)

Got a loved one who's shuffled off the mortal coil or is likely to in the near future? Want the most compact imaginable storage? Just have the carbon sucked out of their dead body and used to make a diamond in a color of your choice. Some of the smaller-carat diamonds say you must order two or more at pretty impressive prices -- I'm hoping you can do that using a single relative rather than having to have more than one to, ahem, work with.

There's a Yahoo article on this, too: