August 20th, 2002

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I just haven't felt like going out dancing at the Plough lately. My original excuse was that they asked me not to show up for class in motorcycle boots, and I don't currently have any other shoes that I can dance for a whole night in -- it's all about the ankle support for me, and tennis shoes suck for that. I *do* have another pair of shoes with ankle support, but not only do they have no arch support, they're probably *more* deadly if I hit a dance partner with them. They're very dense steel-toe boots that I used as motorcycle boots before the current pair :-)

I realized awhile back that I either need to turn Irish dancing into an all-consuming obsession taking up large chunks of my life, or stop pretending I'll ever be able to do most of the intermediate and advanced dances. I get to practice them, like, twice in a night (once in class, once on the floor), one night every four to six weeks. And that's for the relatively common dances. I just can't remember something that complicated with that amount of practice. There are a couple (probably reelathon and maybe high-cauled cap) that I could maybe practice every two weeks, provided I never missed a Monday night and my ability to find partners for them got better, but... I dunno. Seems like it would be a crazy amount of effort even to get any good at those two.

I'm at the point now where my footwork's pretty good. It's not going to win any awards, but whatever. I'm a pretty solid intermediate dancer other than the fact that I just don't know the dances very well.

Which goes back to the question I didn't have an answer to, ever. Why did I start doing this in the first place? But that's a different kettle of worms (to catch a can of fish), as it were. It's been good. I'm just not sure I want to do it most weeks.

Then again, maybe I'll decide I really want to go back to doing it every week later on. This hasn't been a good part of my life for hobbies -- I've given most of mine up, at least temporarily, which has given me better insight into what I miss when I have them.

Less than I figured. Having a very open schedule was useful to help me deal with some relationship problems that, as it turned out, weren't really the problem. Go me :-/
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Lethalicious snack food of the day: butterscotch chips. Checking the ingredient list, you discover that they're just a big wad of sugar and oil and artificial flavor with (I think) some miniscule amount of flour added as a binder.

My mother was a really remarkably good cook and could do a lot of very complicated pastries and things. So I'm sure it secretly drove her to apoplectic rage that my favorite dinner was spaghetti (the dry kind, like) and my favorite cookies were the kind you make by melting butterscotch chips, mixing with chow mein noodles and blopping them down onto a cookie sheet.

Well, okay. Semi-secretly drove her to apoplectic rage. She still never specifically admitted it :-)

I was a kid. What can you do?