May 27th, 2002

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Busy weekend -- of course, it's a weekend and it's me posting, so I guess that's redundant.

Friday was a wedding and hot-tubbing, Saturday was a voice dynamics class and a post-wedding party and a birthday party and hot-tubbing, Sunday was a figure-sculpting class and clothes shopping and grocery shopping and reading. But no hot-tubbing.

"Drawing the Human Body: An Anatomical Guide" by Giovanni Civardi is a tremendously good book for me, but I can't understand why anybody else buys it. The text is incredibly dense and hard to figure out, and I'm somebody with extensive training in anatomy and obfuscation -- he throws me at least once every couple of paragraphs.

I sum up the book's textual style by his paragraph introducing the "Morphology of the External Genitals":

"In both sexes, some parts of the genital apparatus are situated on the superficial portion of the anterior perineum. They are located at the lower extremity of the abdomen and are in certain measure externally visible; therefore, they have much interest for artists' purposes."

This sort of incredibly dry, technical writing combined with what can't help but sound like satire or tongue-in-cheek description of lecherous leering is sort of like Woody Allen if he were a brilliant anatomist -- but with no sense of timing or appropriateness of material. On the other hand, it's a really good comparative anatomy text.

And I've just had a look at the Cyclopedia Anatomicae, by Feher. In addition to a lot of the same kind of basic anatomy you find in many other texts, he has extensive sections on horses, cats, dogs, pigs, sheep, cows, lions, bears, chimpanzees and probably several more I'm forgetting. The illustrations are all really good, and he hits all the necessary high points -- limbs, faces, profile views, several levels of musculature and so on. Chimpanzees are *so* cute, even in anatomical/musculature drawings.