May 8th, 2002

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I sent mail congratulating some of my old coworkers at Palm. The Compaq-HP merger went through, which puts the combined company in serious jeopardy -- they've already gotten rid of all the good manufacturing, and Carly Fiorina (sp?) has already proven herself to have little capability as a leader. Worst of both companies. Since they both competed with Palm in the handheld market, that's a nice relief for the home team.

And they've already announced plans to get rid of the HP Jornada series of PocketPCs, including a model which was a month from retail (i.e. already in production). That leaves basically only the Compaq iPaq as a competitor, confuses the marketplace, makes upgrading more interesting/difficult for former Jornada users, and is basically a blow struck for Palm in general. Plus last I checked Compaq is *still* losing money on the iPaq, just as HP was on the Jornada. There's just not much money to be made selling PocketPCs.

Thoughts like that help keep me warm at night. Which is good, since I sleep with the window open :-)