April 12th, 2002

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Janet Hardy used to write under the name Catherine A. Lizst. She coauthored "The Ethical Slut", "The Bottoming Book" and "The Topping Book". She also used to write under the name Lady Green, and she runs Greenery Press. She's married to Jay Wiseman, who is also a prolific author on sexual topics.

Lusty and I went to a lecture in the city that she gave last night on Ethical Sluthood. It was excellent. I mean, it wasn't vastly more information than was in the book but it's different being able to ask questions, hearing personal anecdotes, hearing *other* people's questions...

And after leaving we went to a little restaurant called Chow and met four other people from the same lecture... We talked to them for quite some time, which was nice. There was a big group phone number exchange. We'll have to see whether we see them again, but they seem like pleasant folk. And hey, knowing more poly people is a fine thing in general.