April 8th, 2002

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Haven't written for awhile. I'm getting that "writing to anonymous other random people about my day-to-day life is silly" malaise. It's what usually keeps me from keeping a journal. My new job continues apace. I'm way late on tax stuff, but it's happening. Filing an extension, getting stuff done, and it looks like other than writing checks my part is finished nicely. A tax preparer is doing the sticky bits with my investments. I can deal with that.

Been going to the Starry Plough. I think I will again tonight.

Got more done on my MUDLib. It's nice to have a new feature or two after the long hiatus. It's probably time for another release number. Yawn. Some time. Whenever.

I need to free up more spare time. At the moment my Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights are all quite full, and of course Fridays and weekends fill quick. And on Sunday my Figure in Clay class starts, which is most of the day.

I should take a bartending class. I live near a bartending school, and I have a little money I could use for it. I'd have to skip two weeks of the Plough and kickboxing, but it'd be worth it. Or I could wait 'til the current session of kickboxing is over, but that's something like two months from now.

I'm going to see Janet Hardy (who writes as Catherine Lizst -- or Dossie Easton? I forget) talk about Ethical Sluthood on Thursday. Win.