March 17th, 2002

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It's been a good few days followed by a good weekend. On Friday I went out to a not-going-away lunch with the Palm folks, and I'll be going to Nicolino's Garden with a large group for my going-away lunch this coming Friday. The Habitrail guys have suggested smaller group lunches every day this coming week.

It's been awhile since somebody well-known and well-liked went away on long notice (two weeks in my case). Apparently Vitaly was the last one, before my time, one of the real old-school Palm folks.

I'm getting things done. I'm mostly cleaned up at work, my code should be finished on time without a hitch, I've finished the significant majority of all the meeting with people I need to do...

We had some of my blackberry wine at work on Friday, which is really too young to be consumed yet. May do so again this coming week :-) We've also got Sangria, but no plans on when we'll consume it. I've been drinking a lot lately... Friday before kickboxing, Saturday during the wine tasting and dinner, and then a small glass of coconut rum today. I usually make a point of not drinking consecutive days, so it's probably time to slow way down. Maybe I'll plan on doing the Sangria thing late next week and avoid alcohol the rest of the week.

Also been a heavy-eating few days, and it'll probably be more so next week. I've gone to good restaurants (La Fondue, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse) more often than usual lately, then Faultline Brewery for lunch on Friday, and then hitting a restaurant for lunch every day this week...

Had a good day yesterday. Got up early, got the bedroom mostly vacuumed, drove up to Spider's, went with them to Napa. We went to Prager's Winery and Port Works and tried their tasting menu. Excellent stuff. I'm all for it. Brought back some, may need to order more (or go back to the winery) later.

Then we went as part of a large group to Bistro Don Giovanni, which was a decidedly excellent place. It's not better than the very best places down here (Chez TJ, for instance) but compares quite well to the other good Italian places I know nearby -- it's definitely better than Pezzella's or Pane e Vino, and that's high praise.

After an excellent dinner and good conversation we retired en masse back to Spider and Eli's in Castro Valley. Bug had a friend from MA in town, a very attractive young lady. I don't know if they're dating, or dating-when-near-each-other, or what, but either way she's a good catch if he's caught her :-) Good in conversation, attractive, and extremely prone to flirt, so she fits my definition of "dangerous in a *good* way" :-)

Anyway. After a long time at Geekhenge with many friends, people started leaving, including Bug and friend. Eli and I wound up sitting up very late talking about everything, but mostly intellectual property law in various ways.

I don't spend nearly enough time staying up late and geeking with people. Guess that's the price I pay for not being at CMU any more.

Left at 2:30am or so after hours of talking, got home, slept, arose, vacuumed, laundered, called answering machines, ordered liquid latex and generally did the sorts of things I call "domestic" when I do them.

And I think I've got a new hobby lined up. I've got a great book on plaster casting and plastic molding and various related things. I've ordered the latex to start doing simple, flexible molds for paraffin and things. I'm thinking I'll get started turning random objects into candles and (later) maybe solid chocolate sculptures. Then I can move on from latex molds to plaster, and possibly from found objects to sculpting them in clay or plasticine.

That's pretty ambitious in the first place, but if all that goes well I can be casting objects in neoprene before long. It rocks. It's on the expensive side, but the objects paint up nicely and last forever through unbelievable wear.

I think I *will* avoid figuring out silicone moldmaking, though. The materials are godawful expensive. It's beautiful, wonderful, exceptional stuff, but $85 per gallon of silicone RTV rubber turns into real money in pretty short order.
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It's very cold and very clean in my apartment right now. The sheets are changed, the floor is vacuumed, the furniture's neatly arranged... If I just felt a distinct fear of touching anything and my feet were numb from walking on cold tile, it'd be like being back home.

Scary thought. Maybe that's why I tend to keep things messy in here. I *know* it's why I go for carpet instead of tile.

But pasta's on the stove and I've the got the "changing jobs" bit well in hand and I have the option of being warm within minutes if I decide to (yay, gas heat!). I think I'll put on some music and then eat.