February 15th, 2002

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Not getting the hard-luggage rack for my SV650 today. I'd planned to, but the guy backed off at the last minute. It's gonna be a busy weekend and a busy early week next week, so look's like Thursday's likely to be my next chance...

I'm definitely getting better at the whole kickboxing thing. My endurance goes away when I'm not exercising regularly, and that's coming back nicely. And I'm getting enough balance to be able to hold those kick positions for thirty seconds, which definitely gave me problems early on.

Cooked a nice Valentine's dinner. The ricotta, spinach and almonds on pasta thing worked out nicely (mmm... whole milk ricotta). Dessert was the young lady's choice, and was unbelievably assertive. Not bad, but also something you can only eat so much of. It was as strong as really dark chocolate, but it was also with Hershey's Cocoa. Might have been better with Ghirardelli, I just didn't realize in advance how strong it was going to be.

Chocolate, bananas and vanilla Haagen-Dazs, though, so I should stop complaining.

I've found good raw material for another tattoo. I'm making myself go through a waiting period, though probably not as long as the 18 months on the first one. In the D'Aulaire's book of Norse Mythology there are these cool little twisty Celtic-knot-type guys twined around each other. By the picture of Loki they have little warriors that are tongues of fire twisted together peeking over and around each other.

I want them. Monkeys on the left arm, playful tongues of flame on the right.

I need to find out whether "flaming monkey" is already the name of a drink. It almost has to be :-)