February 10th, 2002

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Long time...

Been doing stuff for PalmSource, making stuff in blacksmith class and writing code... It's kept me away from LJ, which isn't so bad if I'm getting lots done.

Made myself a little spirally mail holder to go with my candle holder. Mainly it's just a cool shape. Man, it's a mess trying to curl a tiny little piece of metal around the horn of an anvil with a hammer. Lots of fun :-)

Grant, the blacksmithing teacher, was making his wife a bookcase for Valentines and had these big neat twisty metal staves about six feet long sitting around. They're apparently gonna be frontispieces but they look like steel walking sticks or wizard's staves. They curl over the top into a little tail of steel kind of like the top of a Dairy Queen dipped cone. Nifty.

We made chisels today, too. They're tool steel so we're learning to temper it. It's going to be hard enough to cut straight through the mild steel we've been using even stone-cold. Cold cutting is one of the most impressive things I've seen in a long time. You just take a wedge made of hardened tool steel and hammer the hell out of the poor piece of softer steel you're cutting. It slices through -- maybe not like butter, but definitely without scratching the cutting wedge. Watching steel get sliced cleanly by something muscle-powered is pretty damn impressive.

And now I know how to make stuff that ridiculously strong. How cool is that?
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Oh -- and I've been staying up late all week volunteering for PalmSource labs and meeting developers and playing with all the cool toys we have sitting around. Nerf, basketballs, legos, different card games...

The coolest thing is that it was in a room with a basketball court, so it was *huge*. We took the stomp-rocket thing and launched Nerf arrows up into the top row of bleachers and threw them back and forth and stuff for about an hour. It's neat being able to fire a nerf dart across an entire basketball court in one go.

Played a couple of games of Unexploded Cow, too. Cheapass Games rocks.
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And my MUDLib's doing great! You can make an area and wander around in it, you can talk to people, it generally wins. Makes me happy. Sure, it's geek stuff, but I'm a geek :-)

And my DGD doc web site was called "insanely useful" on the mailing list the other day, and the Skotos guy mailed me to update my games list. Not that it means anything to the world at large, but it means people are actually using the stuff I write, at least the documentation, and paying attention. Pretty damn cool.

Now I'll just churn on the MUDLib code for awhile, get it usable to other programmers, and I'll be the equivalent of published (for all you aspiring writers out there).

Urgh. Write write write. Grind grind grind. But people are paying attention, people are gonna use my stuff, and that makes all the difference.

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It's really cool having musicians in the family, and kinda weird that the good
punk music in my rotation along with Sublime, TMBG and Ceili's Muse is
sung by my youngest brother. 'Course, it's not like I've got any shortage
of music by people I know... Randy Valentine and the Defiers, Bucket, Whitford,
Sinner-G... Hell, Ceili's Muse practically qualifies.

Homebrew stuff just wins, generally. I make homebrewed wine and mead, I now make hand-forged iron stuff, I run homebrewed software on a homebrewed OS. I'm starting to cook most of my own food, I carry a Palm device I write OS stuff for... Makes me happy.
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Not related to anything at all, I just realized something. It's not a shock, but
it's one of those "hey, I *meant* to do that... Cool!" things.

I'm at a point where anybody that rejects me based on looks or quick conversation is somebody I don't want to deal with. Anybody who does that needs me to be in a narrow social category, and I'm now genuinely outside every common one. I'm finally at a point where if somebody renders quick, harsh judgement on me, it's the right one for both of us. That's weirdly excellent.

And I notice that most of the journal posts I make now are happy or congratulatory. While that reflects my mood (mostly) recently, it also reminds me of something somebody said to me a long time ago -- "every time is a celebration." Maybe it's time I reclaimed that feeling...
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(no subject)

While I was at PalmSource, I met this unbelievably cool magician guy who did truly wonderful card tricks. He'd force the same card on me over and over again, did some sleight-of-hand I could figure out and more that I couldn't. He taught me the basics of how to do a perfect shuffle after demonstrating a cool trick where he did five consecutively...

Maybe sleight-of-hand should be my next random hobby. I've thought about it...