January 24th, 2002

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Lots of stuff's been going on, some of which I'll even write about.

Just got a new computer that I've been messing with and taking apart and putting back together way too many times... Been figuring out Linux firewalls and NAT and other sysadmin-type stuff that I had only a vague clue about before. Gonna get a little network running in the corner of my living room with something resembling appropriate security...

The new computer, unlike my old one, is pretty recent, so USB should work, so I should be able to take digital photos with it and put 'em up on the web. Definitely a good thing. I'm talking to Adam about hosting -- if I get that going I should be able to do a few more cool things with domain stuff and get more interesting web pages happening.

I *do* still need to get my older photos from Diana. I put them on her laptop so I'd have room for more photos on my CompactFlash cards when in Chicago...