January 15th, 2002

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Haven't been LiveJournaling much lately, but that's actually a good thing. It's a sign that I'm getting stuff done. I've been cooking more, for both the cute girls I'm dating and for myself. I've gotten serious MUDLib programming done. I've ripped most of my collection of CDs, a lot of it friends' homemade music, and submitted the track info to freecddb.org. They can use more Randy Valentine and the Defiers anyway :-)

Still need to get some watercolors so I can practice and see how it goes. I've done pen, pencil and colored pencil work but I need to see if watercolors work well for me so I can (if they do) sign up for a figure painting class in March. I'd been meaning to take a figure drawing class but couldn't find one that worked well for me, and this'll make a fine second choice.

The blacksmithing class starts Saturday. Looks like I'm gonna get people together for a gaming night that night and we can playtest another board game Tom came up with. He's tried it with friends and relatives and it sounds like a lot of fun. The Fiendish Doctor Banana's development is on hold until and unless we can fix a serious problem in gameplay...

Work's okay. My manager's worried that I'm looking elsewhere, which is perceptive of him even though I'm not. But then, it's been time to give me a signficant raise for a year and a half and Palm is still simply not doing that. That'd be a good reason for him to be worried. It certainly crosses my mind now and again.

My mother and father look to be on the short road to divorce. My dad's handling this the way he handles most things so it looks like he's going to come as close as he can to leaving all property with Mom to avoid depriving the young'uns. To a certain extent I appreciate that, but I think he's going way too far. Not that this is a pleasant topic generally, but I've just been talking with the two of them separately from different cities in Texas so it's on my mind.
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