January 9th, 2002

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Got back from Chicago and Santa Barbara late Sunday night. Been getting stuff back in order since then. Just a lot of the same old, same old, work included.

I've been working on an object manager for my DGD MUDLib. I'm sure that means nothing to 99.9% of the users on LiveJournal. It's still neat.

Chicago was lovely. The Russian Teahouse was lovely. Sai Cafe defended its title as the best sushi place I've ever been. Chicago pizza still rocks. The Van Gogh and Gaugin exhibit was neat, and I learned a great deal. I'm far more impressed with Gaugin than I had been, and a little less with Van Gogh. Van Gogh's got some lovely paintings, like the vineyard one with the truly excellent texture to it. He's got some questionable paintings, like the portraits of the Innkeeper and her husband. He's got a lot that just seem overenthusiastic and poorly designed, including the preceding two.

Gaugin, on the other hand, was very classical and ordered in his composition, and painted with great technique. Not innovative, not groundbreaking, but quite pretty. And his ceramics were excellent. I'd never seen the self-portrait mug of his head. He painted it once beside a vase of sunflowers and a japanese print.

Santa Barbara was nice but rushed. I got to see Anton (Lusty got to meet him), and we went to Chef Karim's (formerly Couscous). A few good digital pictures were taken, and now I know I need to make it back in two months or so for Karim's grand reopening in a new, larger venue.

And now I'm done with Christmas festivities, I've got the major dental stuff out of the way, I'm exercising again, and my MUDLib progresses nicely. I'm ignoring a number of otherwise-fun hobbies like chainmail and (possibly) massage, but this isn't bad for the first week back from vacation.
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