Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Call for Harsh, Biting Criticism. Plus Mockery.

So it turns out that my column thing is running smooth for a bit -- I'm accepted to be published. I've submitted three columns which will run at two-week intervals. I've got one more all done and edited and ready to go, and another that's written but needs a fair bit of editing. So I'm set for, like, a couple of months on that. Doing well.

So it's obviously time to have people tear apart some other pseudo-artistic endeavors. That's where I call to all of you to volunteer. Here's the spirit I'm looking for.
I run a web site of technical documentation on MUD stuff. I'm trying to figure out how to overhaul the overall 'look' of it. I've just gone through and done up a sample page. I did good technical stuff like making it parse cleanly as XHTML-1.0 strict and use CSS everywhere. If you don't know what this is, don't worry -- it's invisible and undetectable to the viewer, other than a little clickable button on the lower right corner which tells you that, yes, I *did* make it work as XHTML.

However, that means I've got a little crude navigatable page with a table-driven nav bar and questionably-chosen colors... And *that's* where I'm looking for the criticism. I want my first nontrivial web pages critiqued into bleeding chunks.

So, without further ado, the sample page: ""

When you've slowed down laughing and can breathe again, some guidelines: I'm looking for recommendations on color, layout, links and content... But I'm trying hard to avoid CGI and JavaScript at this point, so I'm not looking for recommendations for little scripts of any kind. Criticism of the actual content is welcome, but far from necessary. I'm planning to strip the headers off the sample page, once I figure in people's feedback, and put them on basically everything on the existing site. So all those non-sample pages that look really plain? Those will wind up with the headers and footer and navbar and whatever else as well. That's the plan.
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