Noah (angelbob) wrote,

I'm back from TX. But you already knew that.

Brezsny says:

I believe you should draw your inspiration this week from the British graffiti artist Bansky. He bought an unremarkable landscape painting at a flea market and glued a police "Do Not Cross" tape onto it. Then, disguised as a shuffling old man, he smuggled it into London's prestigious Tate Museum and managed to hang it on a wall, where for a while it was regarded as a legitimate work of art by visitors and staff alike. Is there some place in your life that needs a comparable touch of prankish levity, Gemini? Any overly dignified or formal environment that could use the healing touch of a gentle lampoon?

Always. Now I'll need to figure out what :-)

I'm utterly behind on LJ. Haven't been reading literally anybody's stuff, nor posting. May fix that later. May not have time. We'll see.
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