Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Over time, artists find their "look" and writers find their voice. A comic strip settles down and starts to look more "itself" after the first year or two, and a columnist really finds their voice after they've been writing for awhile. Some artists and writers continue to drift, but almost never as much as at the very beginning.

With that sentiment in mind, I wrote up some sample articles. I have four right now, and an "Ideas" file with at least that many more. That's good, it means I have something to say.

As a matter of fact, it appears I have *two* columns in me. One is about the mechanics of writing and coding. It has a perky take on a somewhat depressing topic, gives credit where credit is due and stays realistic, pragmatic and solid. I like it, and I think I'd really enjoy reading it even if I weren't the author.

The other is about the community that MUD coders work in, and the way that the work is treated. It's about web sites and documentation, and about the code that people choose to use. It's depressing as all hell, though I'd probably enjoy reading it as well. But not as much. It just doesn't seem healthy in large doses.

I'm in luck. So far my "Ideas" file is full of mostly the first one. On the other hand, the combination of the two is much easier to give a specific theme than the first one alone. That's because it's all basically about code-literacy in MUD programming. And it turns out that there isn't very much of that kind of literacy out there, it gets no respect, and the discipline (such as it is) is really hurting for the lack of it. So a narrow look is perky and optimistic because there's so much cool stuff to do, and a broad look is pessimistic because the old stuff keeps sinking beneath the waves... Which is why there's always so much of the *same* cool stuff to do.

Dunno. Both are powerful and pragmatic. Even if the second half of the column never makes it up on the Skotos site, it's definitely going up on my own site. But by itself, it's so dark and so depressed. And not in a trendy gothy way, just in an old, resigned, curmudgeonly way.

I suppose I could consider it a column in two halves and make up some kind of cool title based on Apollo and/or Dionysos, who are also considered to be a light/dark dichotomy. "Arrows from Apollo". Hmm...

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