Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Saw a concert of bands from, including my little brother (Brother Machine on songfight, though I think there's another band with the same name). Good weekend with Raven last weekend. Went to my first Black Sheets. Seeing LotR:RotK tonight. Considering writing some MUD design articles -- no money, but a site with reallyreally good game design stuff, so it's prestigious. Still writing down column ideas to make sure I have enough to do one-a-week for at least a few months. Been releasing good stuff for Phantasmal (my MUD library) and making big architectural changes. Been getting stuff done at work, including a big release that happened a short time ago.

Hot tub & truck still not fixed. Both have parts on backorder, though of course different parts for each.

Met a few cool people, none of whom I've had time to talk to properly. Again, that "everything is rushed" thing.

I'm in TX from Christmas Day to New Year's Day. If I ignore you in that time, it's not because I hate you, and it's not because I'm having a better time than you are.

None of this will get written down really properly, 'cause I don't have time right now and other stuff will happen to me later :-)

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