Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Lately I've been posting DHP invitations from my work email address, the NVidia one. If you respond to me at that address, I'm 90% guaranteed not to be able to reply on the weekend of the party. That means that if you want to contact me about party stuff, DO NOT just reply to the invitation. You can "reply all", which will actually only send to me (at my regular non-work address) and Brian since everybody else is carefully BCC'd.

Anybody know a good simple Unix mailer that will allow you to send mail from a script and add a really large number of names to the BCC list? I'm at a loss so far, and it seems like an easy problem. I've been too lazy to look up the SMTP protocol and write one myself, but this is getting to be a pain. And SMTP can't be that hard.

Alternately, one of the various generous folk who've talked about setting up a real mailing list for this might come through on that, but I'm not holding my breath :-)
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