Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Geeking. Skip it.

I released some stuff on my SourceForge project a bit ago. Nothing that's all that new and spiffy to the crowd that uses my CVS repository -- they get what I'm using with a delay of days or less. But some pretty significant changes to the Phantasmal code, and a big chunk of documentation that hadn't been easily available as a single package before. The documentation is almost all original now -- I don't know of any challenger for having written more DGD documentation, and in time, I may be able to say the same of LPC.

Y'know what's hard to take? The silence you get after a release, when you've put the finished product out and you're just waiting for people to discover it. You announce it where it's supposed to be announced, you put it where it's supposed to be downloadable, you test it a bit and you wait. It's like fishing, sort of. SourceForge makes this worse by delaying download statistics for two days -- when the weekend's over, I'll know whether anybody is out there right now downloading my newly-announced release. Since it's a whole new couple of packages, there isn't anybody who got automatically notified when the release goes out, as there is for the older, established stuff.

Y'know what'll be harder to take? The same silence when I release the next iteration of the established stuff, probably this weekend.

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