Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Some things need reposting. LOTS of reposting.

Apparently the US government is now doing its part to have suspicious Canadians detained and tortured rather than just going for indefinite detainment of random people on the home front. Maher Arar was a Canadian, born in Syria, with dual citizenship. However, he was flying from Switzerland, and begged to be deported there, or back to Canada, rather than Syria where he hadn't been since he was 17, and where he was likely to be arrested for dodging mandatory military service. Instead, he was tortured by the Syrians on our behalf as a suspected terrorist, and forced to sign confessions to things he hadn't done.

Go ahead and read it. You're depressed about our government already, you might as well. But I'll point out that there's a massive outcry about it in Canada, and while they can't get their government to have a full inquiry either, they are trying hard.

I may need to practice saying "eh".

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