Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Haven't had an entry in awhile. I'm at day two of the new job, so this'll be brief even though there's a lot I could say.

I made a nice nifty latex mold of a cute dragon. I feel safe saying it's unusable and unpatchable -- I'm gonna need to re-soap the dragon again and this time I'll try dipping it rather than painting on the latex. S'okay, it was good practice and showed me several things that *did* work right, including soap as a mold release and cutting open the mold. I may go for a spray-on silicone mold release next time anyway, though...

The new job's okay. Much could be better. Much could be worse. We'll see how I like it as I start doing more actual work. That'll definitely be the deciding factor.

Met a cute girl not long ago. Had a nice date. Friendly, relaxing, not very intense, which fit my mood that weekend quite nicely. She's the second Jewish gamer geek-girl who's dating me despite already being already comitted to somebody else that I've dated -- and I haven't dated all that many people. She looks a lot like the first one, too. I feel like my life must be on rewind. The rewind thing would go well with Dubya being the president if it weren't for the fact that I wasn't paying attention to the 80's the first time around. My excuse is that when they started I was four, plus I was stuck in Texas.

The existing girlfriend is more than a little flustered, not (I think) so much because I'm dating somebody else as for other reasons, and dating the second young lady just doesn't help matters. Ah, well. She'll get used to it, or things will get worse, or we'll fix it some way or other. At the moment things aren't as much a problem as they were recently. I blame entropy since alternative scapegoats are, for instance, my problem-solving skills.

Got a random "let's go have a beer" call from a guy I haven't talked to in months. Nice guy, he's just impossible to find and always busy so I don't see him much. Life being what it is, I was at work (my first day at the new place) when he called. We've got a mutual friend having an Easter (pronounced "Ham Day") celebration, so maybe I'll see him there.

Kickboxing tonight and possibly seeing V (rewind gamer-geek girl, see above) briefly. I'm waiting for a call from her. She's a student and unemployed so she'll have woken up a short time ago :-)

More later. At least, if I have the time. Sigh.

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