Noah (angelbob) wrote,

They've been throwing me not-going-away-yet lunches all week at work. Damn cool. I missed kickboxing Tuesday and haven't gone climbing as I'd meant to, so I'm utterly un-exercised this week. Maybe I'll skip the Thursday barbeque and actually kickbox Thursday... There are people I won't see at the barbeque, but I've got a formal going-away lunch Friday so they can make time :-)

Anyway. Life is otherwise good. I've been loaned a CD from an Irish group by a fellow at work, social life is pretty packed, and I'm still getting a little done on the MUDLib. Not enough, but a little.

Deirdre Flint's CD is incredible. I also got Mortal City by Dar Williams, which I'd been meaning to for awhile. Tom Waits when Amazon gets around to it, along with some morbid fiction of several kinds (yep, including childrens' books :-)

And I can still mostly pull an all-nighter, though driving afterwards still sucks. I'm insufficiently practiced, but that works.

Oh -- and I signed up for a class at The Crucible sculpting people in clay. Aw, yeah. That and the liquid latex I have on the way and I'm good for making stuff for awhile. Bonus.

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