Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Oh, right, stuff *does* happen in my life.

This morning the long-distance company deactivated my service. Apparently last time I was paying bills I looked at the wrong one and thought I owed them nothing. I frequently pay them between $30 and $50 and then ignore the bill for a couple of months, mainly because I very rarely have a monthly long-distance bill over ten bucks.

But their $7.15 was late, and apparently they're mad as hell and they're not gonna take it any more. I paid them $40, which covers the $7.15 I owe, the $4 and change for the following month, and enough more that I can ignore them for several more months. The nice lady cheerfully reactivated me.

For the record, TTI has generally been quite a good carrier, so I'm not gonna hold this against them. They are also owned by neither AT&T nor Sprint (last I checked) which is why I started using them. The whole situation was funny more than anything else, though if I'd really needed to make a call it would have been less funny.

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