Noah (angelbob) wrote,

It looks like Fedex will be bringing pirate stuff earlier than expected... The box will be here in time for the party on Saturday. Now I just have to decide if we need to keep it untouched for All Hallows... :-)

Ray, one of our DH Partygoers pointed out PirateMod, which sells pirate gear, especially (only?) t-shirts. Go have a look, it's nifty. That's a lot of different skull'n'crossbones insignia.

I'm trying to figure out how to do a good rum punch with marinated fruit, kinda like a Sangria. Any of you folks done that before? Anybody got a recipe?

Oh, and by popular request we are now well-equipped for margaritas. Some decent tequila (no, not Cuervo, that's not decent tequila) and locally-made mixers. The mixers look good but I haven't tried them, so perhaps I should get a recipe for doing 'em from scratch. That's hard to do in big batches, though.
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