Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Had a great weekend this weekend. I went to a wedding with ravenslost that had the best catering company ever. It was also an absolutely beautiful ceremony and you could definitely tell that the happy couple were just that. And hey, time with ravenslost has been really good lately. Yay for low-key and fun. I forget that things can work that way :-)

Then I helped darthsunshine move in with atziluth on Sunday. The truck is even further wounded, but remains stubbornly operable. I need to take it in and see how horrendously expensive it'll be to check out its transmission. The new problem involves a bent chunk of the body, and can probably be fixed with an afternoon, a hammer, a tolerance for a visible dent, and lots of swearing.

I've got a date tonight which will be either very comfortable or lots of fun or both. I'm looking forward to it. I'm thinking I won't be taking the truck :-)

Oh, and hey... Everybody welcome sooperspryte. Talia's planning to use that journal to record her experiences while she's teaching in Japan. Nothing there so far, but we can look forward to new content.

And everybody should be aware that there's a Disaster House Party coming up in two weeks or so. October 11th. Be there, or lose a chance to have some excellent Belgian truffles. You have been warned. Invitations are now posted to LJ and the Friendster Bulletin Board for my account, and will be emailed soon.

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