Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Had my exit interview today, the one with George and Dianne. Pretty small. Illustrated nicely the gap between Old Palm and Be Palm. Old Palm stuff was referred to as "Fundamentalist" engineering -- the product came first, and everything followed from that. I think I'm going to start wearing the phrase "Fundamentalist Engineer" as a badge of pride, though it might not have been meant that way :-)

The Old Palm Way means only building things to solve measurable, visible problems that we can state. I think I'll sit and be quietly proud of that.

It looks like Dave Nagel, Palm's OS Subsidiary's CEO, is taking all necessary precautions to make sure the company doesn't accidentally succeed despite all this.

And a week from Friday it'll entirely stop mattering to me. Makes me happy. Palm was good and I liked it a lot. Now it's something else and I don't like it. Soon I'll be gone and the work will be good or I'll find somewhere else. I can do that.

Man. Work sucks. I mean, I'm *good* at almost everything I want to be and work *still* sucks. When you get a place that the work is fun and a good thing to do, they take *extra* pains to make *sure* it doesn't stop sucking.

Someday I'll start my own business. Guess I should start reading books on basic accounting and business now.


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