Noah (angelbob) wrote,

I'm not caught up (quite) on reading all of your journals. I haven't fully documented my trip to Austin a week ago, or nice dates with ravenslost and danaeris (not just them, but they're certainly on the list, and unlikely to be offended by being mentioned in public).

I suppose I could talk about another excellent Disaster House Party, much better than I expected under the circumstances, about girlpurple and her boy coming to spin LED lights, or talk about nudity and firebreathing, or several other flavors of massive party goodness... Or perhaps being declared "hottest straight boy kisser" by sinboy ;-)

Or about dinner with my cousin Bill, who's in town briefly. Or long and surprisingly deep conversations with several folks I usually can't talk so clearly and well with. Or doing my best to corrupt the innocent (no, not you or you or you -- you're not innocent!). Or good experiences being toppy with new interests/partners, though that's unrelated to the previous bullet point.

But I think I'll just post something brief and cryptic instead. If you wanted all the juicy details of my personal life, I'd withhold them, just to see what you'd offer in exchange ;-)
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