Noah (angelbob) wrote,

It's been a pretty good day. Slept late. Gave a good massage. Did lots of laundry. I'm cooking chicken right now, enough for tonight and most of the coming week. Went for a run in the park near my house. Did a little work on the MUDLib and applied to put it up on SourceForge -- I'm probably a shoo-in for a spot, though that's not saying much one way or the other.

Didn't vacuum. Still have to call Jesse and tell him I'm leaving Palm. He wasn't there the first time.

I'm tired, me.

There's this weird interplay between satisfaction and sex and motivation. And I've talked to enough people about the horniness graphs in Cryptonomicon to know that it's in the ugly gray zone of topics that most people would rather get upset by than think about.

The trick is figuring out which of those topics are just distasteful, and which ones are where you find what's really going on.

Man. I need to make more time for reading hypnotism books. Just like all the other things I need to make time for. I wonder what turns out to actually be important, when all's said and done?

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