Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Helped friends move this morning. And afternoon. And 'til dark. And a little after :-)

I'm definitely getting stronger, moving furniture's not nearly as hard on me as it was. A good thing. Getting in shape gives me a weird sort of second adolescence, getting used to my body again. I apparently shake people's hands comically hard. I had no idea until Jim's girlfriend told me... :-) Good to know this kind of thing, though.

Afterwards we went out to Ming's (in Palo Alto, like the houses we moved from and to). Then six of us, including the hosts, got two tubs at Watercourse Way, one with steam room and the other with sauna. Ah...

Anyway, just back from that. And I have nothing scheduled for tomorrow. I can't even begin to say how cool that is. The combination of the job hunting, the negotiating, and giving bad news to all the good friends I work with is just sucking the life out of me. There's so much I should be doing that I'm not...

Anyway. Today's good. Tomorrow will be good. In a month, things will probably be generally good again. I'm just a wuss about this again after things being pretty much okay for the last few months. A couple of days of the kind of Hell I was going through a year or two ago and I'd remember how good I've got it now.

So things aren't bad, I'm just feeling a little irritable and kind of drained.


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