Noah (angelbob) wrote,

There's fodder for a game of "I've never" here. Definitely.

I picked up the 300 flavored condoms that were shipped to me (overnight). I've taken the mint ones and set up the Condomint bowl (thanks to shipofools999 for the idea!), and I'm getting the rest ready to stuff into a pinata. I haven't played with a pinata for close to twenty years -- do I just cut a hole in the top and put the stuff in that way?

Chocolates: check. Four pounds plus petit fours. Ice cream: total check. Pies: been good for them for awhile. 30+-year old port: check, though it's cheap (as such things go).

Now just the ice, sangria, Trader Joe's stuff, air mattresses...

And then tomorrow, the cleaning can begin. Glad they gave me today off from work!
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