Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Lawrence of Arabia: good flick. Peter O'Toole: still a thoroughly lovely actor. Didn't see anybody I was supposedly there to meet, though.

Rick's Rather Rich will be giving me three gallons of Cookies and Cream, even though it'll be a couple of weeks before it's released to the public at large. Last time I got Belgian chocolates at Chocolatier Desiree, the nice girl behind the counter said they'd been having slow sales and how people like me were keeping them in business. Does this make me part of some kind of Decadent Dessert Conspiracy? If so, do I get an ID card with a sinister mostly-darkened photo? That'd rock.

Much shopping to be done tomorrow. Much. And much cleaning to be done on Friday before people arrive.

If you still haven't got a party invite from me, bug me for one. I send those out, you know.

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