Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Trying to figure out what to do about my Broadcom offer. Should have been more wary when they said the thing about 10-15% of compensation being in stock. Been researching their stock, and I finally know more about the offer. It'll be something of a pain if I try to renegotiate after I've already given initial verbal acceptance (prior to understanding the stock stuff -- isn't it standard to call options "options" rather than claim you're "giving [you] shares"?)

I probably will anyway. This would simply not be a raise from Palm in the current condition, and one of my problems is that Palm gave me only a single, tiny raise in the two years I was there. Waiting another year for anything would massively blow.

Changing jobs sucks. I suppose I shouldn't complain -- I'm changing jobs now and companies actually want me. Dealing with all this stuff and deciphering what most of it means is still pretty awful. There's this subtle difference (I hope) between companies' hiring and offer practices and "what can we get away with", but they're really too close to each other for my comfort.
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