Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Got thrown from my motorcycle on Sunday. I was mostly okay, though I got an irritating skinned knee I'm dealing with. My left shoulder (which I bounced on while flipping over as I left my bike) was a little stiff but basically fine. My right arm, which I used to immediately raise a 350lb bike back vertical, is starting to feel the effects.
Overall, nothing's all that bad, though.

And I told my boss I'm planning on leaving yesterday. He took it well -- nothing personal on either side. He's trying to get me to meet with him, another manager, his boss, and his boss's boss to explain my reasons and discuss my dissatisfaction. On the one hand, it's a strong compliment that he wants to give me a chance to present demands in front of people who are in a position to deal with them. On the other hand, yeesh...
I mean, Pierre and George and Dianne are nice enough folks, but the thought of justifying the decision to leave Palm in front of all of them at once, plus Daryl, and basically structuring it as a demand or an argument... These folks are all good engineers, and that means people who know their argument and rhetoric. And just to make sure things start off an a bad foot, I'm leaving because it's their (Be's) imported corporate culture that I have no interest in joining -- they have the option of whether to take it as a personal affront, but I suspect Dianne will, at least at first, regardless.

Dunno. I appreciate the sentiment, but I begged off on deciding until he gets back on Wednesday. I feel I owe him whatever amount of explanation he asks for -- he's a damn fine manager, probably the best I'll have for quite a long time, certainly the best so far. But the thought of a cozy little adversarial meeting with those folks all at once... The "Inquisition" overtones intimidate me. And I'm not easy to intimidate :-)

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