Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Disaster Housing

Oy. I *really* need to configure outgoing email from my machine at home instead of using Yahoo. It'd let me send out the Disaster Party invites in one batch instead of lots. And might generate more hits as spam for the invitations, but that's a chance I'm willing to take.

My body appears to fiend for fat any time I'm gaining muscle. Not protein. Not carbohydrates. Rarely vitamins. Not even so much for more calories... Fat. Fair enough. It's not enough to offset the gain if I exercise regularly, and I *like* fat. At least, as long as I obey princeofwands's rule, the one that goes "life is too short for bad fat." :-)

For those who don't instantly get it, that means that life is too short for low-quality fat, or fat in low-quality foods. Life is definitely not too short for chocolate filled croissant french toast pan-friend in high-fat European-style butter, for instance, but is still too short for anything served by Denny's.
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