Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Interesting. Brezsny again...
Mokuola is a small island off the coast of the big island of Hawaii. In the old days it was reputed to have curative powers. Seekers who went there in quest of healing had to help stir up the magic, though; they couldn't just lie back and expect the spirits of the place to do all the work. One way a visitor could ensure a long life, according to legend, was to swim underwater around the island three times. This emphasis on a participatory style of healing parallels a situation in your life, Gemini. Although you're now within reach of a rejuvenating influence, you'll have to collaborate with it aggressively in order to coax out its full benefits.

I can only think of one thing offhand that he might be talking about. If it's that, then so far so good.

I've heard a couple of complaints about posting my horoscopes here. Anybody genuinely bothered by it? More than if I, y'know, took quizzes about what flavor of jam-dipped paraplegic kitten I was?
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