Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Last night, bk2w taught me the basics of driving stick. I'd driven motorcycles before, so manual transmission vehicles aren't entirely unknown to me, but that was my first time driving a manual transmission car. And also my first time driving anything resembling a sportscar. While Brian has good reasons for believing I won't do his (very expensive, very nice) car any real damage, it definitely makes me a little paranoid :-)

We're currently planning to swap vehicles for awhile as he convalesces -- my automatic transmission beat-up pickup truck is significantly more convenient for him at the moment. Hey, I didn't propose the idea, I'm just incapable of saying no to somethign so obviously to my benefit :-)

My second trip in his car, this one solo, was to 24-hour fitness and back this morning.

I got a membership to 24-hour fitness during one of their promotions not long ago, and it came with five sessions with a personal trainer. That was kinda beside the point, and so I ignored them for the past couple of months. Today I took my first one. I'm unemployed this week, so why not?

The trainer, a soft-spoken Texan named Reggie (sorry m'dear, he's married and traditional ;-) ), put me through the basic paces and asked a lot of the usual questions to make sure I wasn't going to drop dead on him. Apparently my overall level of fitness quite impressed him, which works fine for me. Anyway, highlights:

He had me do one of those things where you lay on your belly and lift your arms and legs, and keep them there for 20 seconds. I'm apparently still more flexible that way than most trainers :-)

My body fat, as measured by calipers, is 19%. That's essentially the same as 2 years ago (19.5%), though I weigh a little more. So my relative neglect hasn't done me any harm, and I've got a tad more muscle mass. Works for me.

The people who lie the most to their trainers, and not just about their exercise and training, are those who are there to lose fat. People who are there to maintain (like me) or tone or build muscle are all significantly more honest, even about personal matters. The things you find out...

And yesterday, my second day of unemployment, was mostly lazy. Some unpacking from the weekend, some yardwork and cleanup, but mostly catching up on sleep, email and LJ.

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