Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Oh my. Quite the weekend.

I rushed around like a chicken with my head cut off doing party stuff. Three separate liquor runs were done for this party, two of them by me, and attendees of the previous parties know that Brian and I keep a pretty serious liquor supply anyway. Rick's Rather Rich ice cream, lots of fruit juice, three types of niftily-prepared chicken, various additional food...

The hot tub was working for the party, which helped. We got even more people for this party than last one, so the garage and back yard definitely helped in terms of overflow space. The dynamic where we have a drinking/socializing front room with entrees and drinks, ice cream in the garage and the hot tub in back is working for me. The garage should be made more comfortable, though.

The next morning, I made my stuffed croissant french toast. That means croissant, sliced up and soaked with milk and egg, and first the slices are cut nearly in half and stuffed with one of: apple butter, raspberry jam, cream cheese and raspberry jam, or Ghirardelli milk chocolate. And I discovered this time that if you use the lovely European-style high-fat butter when pan-frying, it makes a definite difference. Awwwwwww yeah.

I left to have ice cream with mitrian and miss_mimsy and Boyo (miss_mimsy's son). It continued to going out for Pho later on, and things were good. Fun conversation, good ice cream, and lots of time playing with Boyo. I'm very into playing with kids lately, dunno why. Boyo's five, so significantly older than Gilad was.

Then I got back and discovered my housemate, bk2w, had gotten into a nontrivial accident on his motorcycle. I don't know many details other than that he's got a broken leg, but is expected to be released reasonably shortly. princeofwands is my primary source of information at the moment. I do know that bk2w, jd5p, and karenbynight were planning to leave on a group ride earlier. I skipped it because of ice cream, and because I needed to take llaird to the airport so she could head back home.

And everybody welcome msde... If you were at the party, and remember a good-looking long-haired Asian guy with a soft voice and a nice smile, that'd be the one. Alternately, if you're from CMU and you remember a Mark who goes by "msde" that fits that description, that's the one.

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