Noah (angelbob) wrote,

I've started sending out the party invitations by email. Yeah, I know, I'm late again. But this time I have a secret weapon -- I've bothered to make a list in an *actual file*, and I've also preannounced the May 30th party right there in the email invitation.

Yahoo only allows me to send out so many messages an hour (it's a shame, I otherwise like it), so it's not all done yet. But anybody that doesn't get an invite is somebody I was too lazy to track down an email address for. That's probably several people here since I figured you LJ people all read the invitations in my journal anyway :-) That'll be fixed for next time, I hope.

On the sad side, probably no hot tub for Saturday. The guy's coming out to look at it on Thursday, but that means it's not likely to be perfect two days later.

Maybe, but not likely.

Luckily I'll have acess to a jacuzzi the following weekend anyway, but the rest of you may have to come back to my house when the hot tub works :-)
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