Noah (angelbob) wrote,

I've had a decidedly injury-prone week and a half. A week ago Thursday was the motorcycle oopsie, and I've been dealing with the ugly-but-not-serious skinned knee for a bit. Unfortunately, scabs tend to saturate and go away in the shower, which was irritating, and I hit it very hard by accident a short time ago. So my knee just hasn't been all that happy :-( The joint's fine, but the skin overtop is *not* my friend at the moment.

I got a couple of nasty, small, shallow cuts while assembling shed bits. It's a problem with screwing metal screws into steel framework based on guide holes -- you wind up with a lot of metal shavings and a lot of sharp bits of steel just waiting for errant hands. I hate little cuts in the lines of your hand because you can't really band-aid them, the sweat and grime gets in them, and the skin around them bends constantly... :-(

My resolution for the next week or two: bleed less.
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