Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Had a good, if shed-intensive weekend. It's up, which is all good. I flaked on Brian for the last bits, but he flaked on me for some of the earlier bits so I figure it all evens out. And I filled an entire enormous yard-waste bin with weeds I pulled up, so I don't have to feel guilty even if a lot of the grass successfully goes to seed :-)

Do I leave the enormous unsightly thistles way in the back in memory of CMU, or do I pull 'em up before they can spew thistledown all over everything?

The hot tub still needs more attention. But now it's just repairman-type attention, not electrician and concrete-layer attention. I need to look into that tomorrow if I'm to have any hope of a functioning hot tub for the party on saturday.


I then went off to teach a lovely young lady in the art of making chainmail jewelry. I'm not sure how much rubbed off, but her work looked good. I'll consider that a success. And then literary discussion and Thai food followed, which was good -- my breakfast and lunch had both been two slices of bread with peanut butter, and that's not much food when I'm shedbuilding.

I did flake on a friend who promised me breakup ice cream, but that's what happens when my FIFO scheduling algorithm has to deal with previous engagements running over :-( Shedbuilding wound up taking almost two days, which was unexpected.

It turns out I gave nifty shirt lady from Dickens Faire the right address, so I think I'll be getting my purple lace-up buccaneer shirt after all. Probably not for the party, but still.

The chicken turned out well. If I can balance the rum and pepper components of the marinade properly then you folks are in for a treat on Saturday. I'll also need to see how the coconut rum and dark rum versions differ. Dunno if Liz (from movie night) will be joining us, but coconut is a common enough dislike that I'm doing both kinds of rum on principle. That may mean no pesto-garlic-bacon-feta chicken breasts, so if you desperately need more of those then tell me now :-)

bk2w wound up being sick on Friday so he didn't join me for the potluck. But the chicken was one of the highlights (yay me!), and the food was generally quite good. And it's good to see the cooking-class folks, I don't spend enough time around them.

Of course, I spent quite a lot of the party playing with Gilad, a lovely 2.5-year-old fellow who spoke a bit of English and a lot of Hebrew. Not that I speak Hebrew. I made car and monster noises, picked him up and spun him around, talked to him, listened (with mixed results), and got an invitation from his parents to babysit :-) Wish I had the time. Excellent folks. I'm stealing a line from karenbynight as I also bemoan so many people having poster children for reproduction :-)

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